Being physically healthy had always been a struggle for me, but it was a battle I would continue to fight. I knew nutrition was a strong key to gaining physical results for my body so I started my fitness journey by using several different “fad” diets.


I thought this was great - finally a way to change my appearance - but after a while of being on the diet, I would become exhausted and revert back to my old eating habits.

A majority of my life went on by being overweight and then healthy, a vicious cycle that finally ended in 2014.

While going through an unhealthy cycle, taking pictures would be the last thing on my mind, but in March 2014, I saw the first picture of myself in over 4 months.

The shock of my condition woke me up and I began a new journey of continued health and wellness which totally shifted my lifestyle.

After Picture.PNG

It has been six years and I am still committed to a lifetime of physical, mental, personal, and professional growth. The habits I created over a couple of decades have transformed into eating balanced nutrition, being consistently physically active, and continuously pursuing personal growth.

To sum it all up: I am mastering how to project my inner self OUTWARD.


After dedicating my life to personal growth in 2014, I became a Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Master Fitness Trainer, and Sports Nutritionist. My purpose is to help others reach their potential, and my desire is to see others project their inner self Outward into the Universe.