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Improve Your Fitness During Quarantine

Updated: May 26, 2020

How do you continue your wellness during quarantine? Outward Fitness has got you covered.

I am committed to creating an awesome fitness routine once a week that you can do from your home. These quarantine workout videos can be found on Outward Fitness' YouTube channel : )! Many people are now subscribing to receive notifications once the video is uploaded on Youtube.

Without even stepping into a gym you can progress on your overall wellness goals. 

Start stimulating your metabolism every 3-4 hours a day with portion-controlled sized meals and or snacks.  This will allow your metabolism to remain efficient at metabolizing your daily caloric intake. We are at your service and would love to coach you through every step of transforming your wellness and support you towards reaching your fitness goals. 

I am giving away a Virtual Fitness Program during the month of May! You could be the winner!

All you have to do to enter the free virtual fitness giveaway is:

1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel @ Outward Fitness.

2. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @ Outward Fitness and tag a friend in the comment section on my most recent post.

3. Send an email to OutwardFitnessNow@gmail.com, Yes and I have completed the entry process.


I want you to know that you are not alone during these challenging times that our society is facing. I serve once a week at community food back and I am so encouraged to know that there are resources and assistance in place to help families and individuals have access to free food, hygiene products, infant products, and so much more. Stay safe and we are all in this together. Here is an awesome website that can help you find a local food bank near you. https://www.acfb.org.  Stay safe and we are all in this together, Outward Fitness Owner: Malik Ali

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