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Transformational Detox And Maintaining Your Progress

Updated: May 26, 2020

Hi FitFam! I hope you are doing well during this season of quarantine. I know with all that is going on, it may be challenging to continue your fitness routine at a gym but when a challenge arises so does a solution. We can clearly find that solution through a shift on our perspective.

Without even stepping into a gym you can progress on your overall wellness goals. 

Start your day with vegetable juice which is a great way to detox either by making your own (kale, spinach, celery, carrots, apple, ginger, beets, and blended with banana)or buying a reputable store-bought juice (Suja: Cold Pressed Mighty Dozen Blend). Before you go to bed take a shot of organic apple cider vinegar (can mix it with lemon and honey upon preference). Getting a deep sauna sweat or deep sweat will boost your cleansing and detox initiative (at least 10 minutes a day). Try this 14-day detox and let me know what you think. 

When there is a will, there is a way and it starts with our perspective. This detox will also help keep your immune system boosted during this season to fight the COVID-19 virus. I know that the media is helping us to stay cautious and prepared but part of the message in the media is also spreading fear and that will only make one weaken their immune system. Be cautious, use your wisdom, stay prepared, and also keep faith that all things are in God's hands and we can always rely on God's strength. Let's be Godfident : )!  To get an awesome 10-minute deep sweat in right at your hope follow this program or use this program as inspiration to create your own. 

20 Squat Jumps 

1 Minute Plank

20 Pushups 

30 second Side Plank 

Repeat 3 X (Times)

Working out at home, just got intense! This HIIT will get your heart rate pumping to maximum capacity and allow you to build strength, increase your range of motion, promote fat burn, and release those endorphins. Contact us through www.OutwardFitness.com to learn more about our Virtual Training Options! Start projecting your inner self Outward!

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