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Why do Pushups and How?

Updated: May 26, 2020

We have gone over so many great tips through this fitness blog. Today, I want to share with you why push-ups are beneficial and how do you start doing them. Check out the video below and let's dive into this. Keep progressing!

I was recently asked how do I start doing push-ups when I’ve been trying and can’t. Excellent question and there are several methods one can use to get there. If there’s something you need more insight or guidance on then please reach out or schedule a complimentary fitness assessment.

What are the benefits of push-ups? 

1. Push-Ups increase your functional strength:

Push-ups activate your entire body, which is one of the reasons they're considered a functional exercise. Despite the fact that the burn many people feel when they're doing push-ups is centered in their arms and pecs, the push up works out a whole lot more muscles than just those two areas.

2. Push-Ups provide a great stretch for your muscles:

Pushups are underrated for their ability to help you stretch various muscle groups, particularly those of your biceps and back. It’s important to stretch before a workout as well. 3. Push-ups enhance your cardiovascular system:

Push-ups are considered a compound exercise. Compound exercises are very versatile because they activate many different muscle groups, joints, and connecting tissues. Engaging large amounts of different muscle groups means that your heart has to exert more energy in order to provide oxygen to all these muscles.

4. Pushups can improve your posture:

Push-ups improve your posture because they are such an effective exercise for improving your core muscles - a proper pushup engages more of the muscles that are responsible for core strength than almost any other single exercise you can do. 5. Push-ups can prevent lower back injuries: Since push-ups are great at stabilizing your body and working out your core muscles, you strengthen a large portion of your back. Back muscles are a huge part of your core strength and your stability.

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